The typical questions as generated by this site:
Many people have asked me questions like: What do you DO in your Coven? Can I join?

Well, the answers in short form are:
We learn and grow as both Witches and human beings. Uhm, not today.

Now, here are the longer versions:

What's a Coven/What do you DO in a Coven/What's being in a Coven like?
In our Coven we celebrate and engender our connection with Deity, our Craft and ourselves through Ritual, Meditation and Magical practice.

Can I join?
Well, a British Traditional Coven is not like a movie club or a gym. You cannot pay a fee and join. You have to be ready to work for it. There's a lot of reading...

Generally, once the word WORK comes out of my mouth, I notice that a lot of peoples' eyes glaze over, and this pretty much ends the conversation. However, sometimes a person's eyes light up and their whole attitude perks up a bit. These are the people we want, and these are the people who make it in the Craft.

So, a few steps forward then...

Before you decide you would like to join a Coven:
You already should have done some reading, and you should be sure that you want to start down this path. You should have already begun solitary work, and you should know the dates of the Sabbats by heart.

Once you've decided to seek out a Coven:
You should read the About page (when available) for the Coven which you're interested in. Within that page should be guidelines and other basic information about that particular Coven. Here's ours.
You should have read at least 2 or 3 books on Wicca. Most coven leaders have a beginners' book list they will give you, all you need do is check their website, or email and ask them. Here's ours.
You should also be holding solitary rituals for the Sabbats, Full and New Moons.

WAIT! Before you dash off that email/membership information form:
You should realize that being part of a Coven is work. Not that we don't have our share of fun, we do! I just want you to know that contrary to movies and TV and so on, Covens are for the dedicated and hardworking only. You should be certain that you're willing to learn new things, You should be ready (and eager, even) to read a lot, and to be accountable for retaining and gaining insight and knowledge from what you read. You should be prepared to know how to respect authority. Finally, you should be able to take this commitment seriously. Covening is like University. If you're not prepared to learn, you'll get nothing out of it. We, as leaders, are here to help you, but we will not carry you. While we of the Wicca all walk the path hand in hand, we each still walk alone. If you cannot stand alone on your own two feet with regards to the Craft, then a Coven is not the place for you.

Still want to work with a Coven?
Well then we suggest you read the About Us page to learn more about this Coven, or visit our Related Groups and Networking pages to learn more about other groups.

Still want to work with Winter's End?
Step right this way... we'd love to hear from you.

Blessed Be,
High Priestess
Covenant of Winter's End
Kent, England

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